Hello all,

Well I’m about to go to my parent in-laws for a sudden dinner for no reason. She ( My mother in-law) just felt like it. So that’s awesome. It means I don’t have to cook. Which I’m not really good at or even like to do. Bla on cooking. LOL

So , lol I’m back. I know you didn’t know I left but I almost ruined my son’s potato soup. Yeah I kinda forgot I was cooking… lol oops. He is sick so he’s not going to the dinner. He is 17 so he will be ok. His fever has improved so that’s awesome.

I have my nephew Kaegen. He’s fake whining right now. It’s pretty much his theme song. Whinnnnnn. lol ugh it drives me crazy though.

So anyway my reason for jumping on here today is I wanted to at least real fast give everyone an update on my friend Kara. She has improved so much! She is awake now. It did take her a few days to really come out of it and realize what was going on and she’s so upset that she’s in her situation. Mostly made because she can’t talk due to the threk. But it will get better. She almost didn’t make it and is now so much better. I’m so glad they didn’t pull her plug. She will have about a year of recovery but hey, she’s alive.

~Talk to you later



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