Cat on a ledge

So yes that’s my cat. His name is Missou. He came home with us from our family in Missouri last summer. He will be a year old in July. He actually has blue eyes. Which if you know anything about cats. Blue eyes are super rare. Unless it’s Siamese cats.

Anyways I just wanted to come and blog a little blog blog… Yesterday, the weather here was fantastic. The day was just a dream. Perfect weather. Windows open and watching some live TV with my favorite nephew Kaegen Jaxton Kyrie. We were actually watching “A Bug’s Life” which he was really tuned into. I think he really liked that one. The ants and the bugs all talking and such. We are just sitting on the couch together watching tv we played outside all day together. The cat climbing the tree. He could only get so far and then he just stood on the broken Branch area. Which made me think of “a cat on the ledge” but it’s just been fantastic and easy going weather. The feeling was just complete comfort and it was like I was sitting there and I’m just like oh my gosh this is the life right here. Which I told Kaegan, “I’m so happy with you today and we had the best day and we have a good life.” Of course he said it back to me. It’s been wonderful so I wanted to stop in and say hey, and I hope everyone is having a nice day as well. An easy relaxed day with no pain. Talk to you later


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