Ugh my legs. I hate them. My daughter had a Track & Field meet today, which I love watching her run but go figure with our weather. So lovely lately and today was nasty cold or chilly to most but cold to me and wet. Crap! So go figure my legs are on extra did to being out and dealing with this nasty weather while standing a lot too cheer and root our team on. My feet froze in my rain boots.😔 Note to all. Rain boots are not even close to warm. I definitely learned my lesson about that today. 🌧 next time I will double up on some good ol big warm thick socks😊

Anyway so that’s why my legs are on extra. Note – my daughter Rylie did wonderful tonight. She came in 3rd between everyone but was 1st in her own team this was in the 400 run. 🏃If you know what I’m talking about. I really don’t though. Lol honestly I never know what’s going on. 😁

So back to my point. So my legs are bad tonight and while skimming through my fb I found myself in one of my fibro groups where Kim does an amazing job, by the way and I found a post, courtesy of Kim about leg pain. 💙 so much helpful information. Kim is great blogger here (on WordPress) which is where she shared her links from. http://itrippedoverastone.com.

If you have leg pain you need to read her posts. ⬇

Restless Leg Syndrome Progressing To Elbows? Yes!

I hope this information helps someone And you should definitely check out Kim’s blog!