Caution of You have a weak stomach. 😵 Stop reading here🚫🛇otherwise here I go…

So you know I never really thought about it until after last night’s readings and then my post, but about 2 years ago we went to Florida on a plane. ✈It was my first time ever on a plane because prior to that I had always refused… 🛩I’m terribly afraid of heights. I think it’s also a control issue. Not having control of my own, well anything. Then I figured you only live once. I’ll guess I’ll give it a go or at least try for the family. However I did warn them I may panic and not actually make it. But I would definitely try because we wanted to go to Florida on vacation for two weeks. 🌞 Well, I actually made it!! And if you’ve ever been on a plane you know they give you peanuts to snack on. I had forgotten all about peanuts. I haven’t had them in probably over a decade or more. I don’t even know. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I had a peanut before the Florida trip. So I got a taste for peanuts. 😁 I was like oh my Gosh, I need more. So at first it was every now and then to now I eat them pretty much nightly. My husband and I watch shows together every night. It’s so nice. Usually we will go into our bedroom about 8pm. 🛏Sit in our bed and watch some shows together. Right now we are watching Chicago PD. 📺We already watched the entire season of Chicago Fire. Love them both! Anyways, I did notice that ever since I started eating these peanuts every single night that they have totally helped me be regular. Don’t mean to gross anyone out. But it’s almost like a miracle worker for me. When I ran out of my peanuts and I didn’t have them for a few days I could really tell. Actually I recently noticed this. I finally put two and two together and I was like oh my gosh I think it’s because I haven’t had any peanuts! So now I try and make sure to always be stocked up on my peanuts.

😁Well i hope this helps someone😉

And I will talk to you later. Bye bye ladies and gentlemen.💜