Don’t mow the grass

I think mowing the grass is fun. 🌱 Riding lawn mower or push mower, either way. I think it’s fun! But i learned that the vibrations put me in pain. So, no I shouldn’t mow and typically I don’t because I will pay for it later. Well the other day I thought I’m going to try it again. Since it’s been a while and I’m on different meds now since the last time I tried. Maybe I can do it. I only mowed about 30 minutes and while mowing I was fine. Normal me but fine.😊 Then the stupid fibro kicked in overdrive on my right wrist.😔 So I guess I got my answer. It’s still a no go. My son gave me a little cute lecture about how I should not have done that and when my husband got home from work he asked who mowed the lawn and I told him it was me but don’t worry I already learned my lesson. My right wrist is hurting. He just gave me a look. They just want the best for me. It’s just so hard not to do things you want to do just because you have a stupid syndrome and you’r going to hurt later. You know! Huh!

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