So very true! Every second of every day I’m faking it. I even try to fake out my own self. Just so I can be happier. If that makes any sence. But yes for sure I have many masks. I don’t want people’s pitty. I don’t want to bring down their happiness. Seeing my loved ones happy makes me happy. Some people never see me with my mask off. See the new, real me and most never will. I will fake it forever or until I can’t fake it anymore.

Yolo- so I live the best life I can while I can. It’s strange but before fibro I was daring and did off the wall ideas but since being diagnosed I’ve definitely moved up a big level and when any situation or simply a thought. An idea. Like let’s spray my husband with shaving cream. 😂 -Just because- pops in my head I’m more of a yes man now. This is my life and I honestly don’t know how long I have left to make memories. I want to enjoy as much as I can while I still can. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Especially with this illness.

No one ever says I shouldn’t have gave it a try or I shouldn’t have tried that. But what they do say is I regret not trying or doing. And that’s pretty much how I think now days. Less conservative. More memories! 💜

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