Actually interested?

So as most fibro warriors know. Most people without this condition we call fibromyalgia don’t really seem to want to hear about it. In my experience people have no clue what I’m talking about and there is so much info and confusion it’s so easy to loose someone’s interest. But most people don’t even show any kind of interest. Or show any empathy. It’s sad but true. Most people could really care less about what pain or issues I endure.

This is why I was super surprised when I had not one but two lady’s who were curious and seemed to care. Even asked if there are any medications that mite help. They showed so much compassion and it felt wonderful! 💜

These two lady’s were the mother and mother in-law of a friends who I was at a mutual friendly party with. Nice party, nice time and nice people.

2 Replies to “Actually interested?”

  1. Isn’t it always a joy when we meet people who are arctually genuine in their caring? Of course, I do mean NEW people, because hopefully our immediate family cares. I too often “fake it”, and don’t really know how to answer when someone asks “How are you – really?” I totally get where you are coming from, so at least here we don’t have to pretend. xxx

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  2. I’m so glad you found two who cared enough to talk about it and weren’t afraid to broach the subject. I do wonder sometimes whether with some people it’s a lack of care (whether they’re too wrapped up in their own lives, ignorant, disbelieving of fibro, or simply have a lot on their plate already), and whether in other cases it’s a lack of understanding & a fear of not knowing what to say. Either way, it makes such a difference to find someone with compassion to talk to you about it so I’m glad you had a good experience at the party 🙂
    Caz x

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