Road trip..

Road trip day…

We went to pick up our daughter from a2 week vacation at our cousins house over in Missouri.

This is them as I Write this.😩 sleepy heads. 😁

So this is the story….

2 weeks ago we (my husband and I were suppose to meet our cousins half way in Illinois on Saturday.. well we decided to surprise them and so on Friday we drove all the way to our cousins house. We got there around 11pm and my daughter walked down the hall and when Chris saw her he wad like…. what???. Lol it was awesome. You had to be there. Anyway we had a great time. My husband and I stayed the weekend and headed home Sunday morning. Our daughter Rylie was staying there with them for 2 weeks. So that was 2 full weeks free of miss mouth. Lol. No.. I really missed my baby. Although I missed the 4th of July with her this year😣 … It’s okay. She had a great time. The very next day though… ughhh July 5th 2018… what a bad day. So first our guinea pig had her babies. She gave birth to 6 but only 5 lived. One of the babies was still born. So that was a happy sad time. My son buried the baby out back next to, well my daughters cat that she’s had for about 3 years was hit by a car. Yes, my daughters cat was killed while she was on vacation. Were still on the road but want to wait until we are home to tell her. That way she’s not super upset and stuck in the jeep. My niece haylei was the one face I the picture. She came with us that way she’s here for Rylie for moral support.

It’s the white cat. Long haired white pretty kitty. Her name was whiskers. I always called her kitty. Man I miss her so much already. Even know she was really my daughters cat she would only let me pet and hold her. She was the funniest crazy cat ever! See her in the crock pot? Lol yeahπŸ˜‚ the black cat in the one picture is Batman. He’s my son’s rescue cat. He was actually bit by a garden snake recently. Poor boy.

But anyway we did decorate kitty’s grave . She even has a headstone. My precious girl. So oh boy we still gotta tell Rylie the bad news. Wish is luck!

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