Water bottle, Lol

So today started of painful. I went and seen my doc this morning and he gave me meds to help me with my fibro flare. Thank God I finally started to feel better. I hope this lasts awhile because you just never know when or where it will flare up again.

On a better note. Fun times at my house this evening. Started off with my husband showing me a video of the very same trick I had planned to pull on him. ugh                         Soooo, Tyler and I decided to pull the trick on our daughter Rylie. She was the only one home at the time. Our son Naven was still at his girlfriends house.                                            Ok, so this trick we planned to pull on her goes like this, You need a bottle of water, a penny and a hand towel. Take the lid off the water bottle, lay the penny on the table and Say this, I’m gonna make this penny go into this bottle. Set the bottle on top of the penny, lay the hand towel over the water bottle and say,Abracadabra. Pull the towel off the bottle and YOU look inside the bottle and say, See it’s inside the bottle and when they look inside the bottle you squeeze the bottle so that water shoots at their face. funny, funny.

So apparently our daughter don’t trust either one of us because she wouldn’t even come in the room for her dad and then for me she wouldn’t stand very close to me, but I still tired and after I looked inside the bottle and said see, its in there. She just picked up the bottle, sat it down and said no it’s not. So I picked up the bottle and squeezed water all over her. She grabbed the bottle from me and chased me while soaking me. Then I think we are done but, nope. Here she comes with a cup of water and throws that on me as well.

Then Naven comes home so I tell him I want to show him a trick. He says ok and everything works out as planned. The trick went great. well, untill he’s dumping the water on me and I’m yelling that I already got wet.

It was great. such fun.

Fibro Hate

Fibro flare, fibro flare, I hate that you don’t care.  
I hate that you make me weak and I hate that I can’t walk on my own two feet.
The aching, the rocks and even the knots.
The burning,the strain and even the game.
The exhaustion is to much and the life I’m left with is a butt.
A butt of a joke,A butt of a hoax.
I hate you fibro,I wish you’d go croak.

Fibro flare

So lately my pain has been getting worse everyday. Well when I woke up this morning everything was the same as it has been. Went to work. Kinda busy day but nothing out of ordernary​. Although the new management has changed my hours from the 4 1/4 I’ve been doing to now 8 hours everyday I work. I know I only work 3 days a week but I have a health issue. Chronic pain and then some. Well, I really do need the additional money so I went with the flow. And of course that’s had a lot to do with my increase in pain. Ugh. So I go through the day at work today only with the regular crazy leg cramps that’s been going on but once I came home the flare kicked in. To the point of tears. I’m in so much pain right now, it’s unexplainable. I’m so tired of all of this pain. I just want a new body…. I just want a cure…. It just really sucks that this is the rest of my life. I hate you fibromyalgia!!!!


Fun and family kind of day. Well, it’s April fool’s. So my daughter got her dad’s pack of pop and completely wrapped it with duct tape. She also left a note on there that said”It’s April fool’s day. Love Rylie.” Haha,I thought it was so funny.He ended up texting her later saying “I’m gonna kick your butt.”Which Rylie really thought was so funny. Then after we left the house to do some arrends before the birthday party my hip started doing some weird hip locking up on me. I went to get out of the car at Meijer and I couldn’t stand because my hip was locked up. It really hurt bad to. I tried to walk but it hurt worse. Then finally it loosened up. A lady walking by had noticed something was wrong and asked me if I was ok. I told her yes, and said thank you for asking and that It’s just my fibromyalgia. Her and her little granddaughter said they understood because the granddaughters mother has fibro too. So my daughter and I went on in to Meijer. Got what we needed and left. My hip did end up locking up when I went to stand a few more times. Plus my leg cramps​are still at it and my knees have joined in. Ugh. On a better note the birthday party for my mom and niece was great. Tried making cotton candy with straws because we couldn’t find the actual sticks and that faild. Heads up, cotton candy won’t stick or stay on a straw. Lol. We empervised and used plastic forks. Which works much better. So yes the kids were eating cotton candy off of plastic forks. So funny. Then my niece Brooklynn was just taking bites out of her personal cake. It was so cute. They both got great gifts and had a wonderful birthday party. 

1st blog ever!!

So this setting up my blog has been an experience. Now that I know what I’m doing it seems easy but not at the beginning. Anyway, hello. My name is Mic. I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia since begging of 2012. Finally after years of pain and confusion,  I was diagnosed October 2016. I’m now on medication to help manage my pain. Which has been a blessing. Although I will always have issues no matter what. Like right now my lower back. Ugh… So I have my wonderful nephew over. He’s half mine. His name is Kaegen. He will be 2 in June. I wish he would go to sleep. I’m so tired. I don’t know how long I can hold on. He’s watching the weirdest cartoon. Masha and bear.

Guinea pigs

So no work today. Awesome. Although I’ve hard serious leg cramps all day. Even still as I write this. Ugh… Today I was very busy once again but that’s life. I did score two guinea pigs for my kids as Easter gifts. A friend of mine saw the post about them and tagged me to it. Props to Peggy. I actually​ got two cute guinea pigs that are just under a year old for only $15.00 . Awesome! At first I told my self I’d hide them until Easter morning but I was just to excited. So I caved and gave them to my kids today. They were so shocked and my daughter literally cried because of how happy she was. We  are now the happy owners of Cashew and Thor-aka peanut. Kids still disagree on his name. 

 The darker one is cashew the other is Tho/Peanut.

Busy crazy day!

So today is my mom and nieces birthday. It’s the big 1st birthday for my niece Brooklynn. Whom I call my Pie. She was my mom’s birthday present last year. So shout out to the both of them. So, my day was crazy.  I got to work, which I’m only part​ time due to my fibromyalgia. It was so busy non stop the whole day. Lovely time to have bad back pain, a kink in the neck and bad leg cramps because guess what day it was. Order delivery day. So I got to pick up and move heavy boxes and put food and stuff away. But I did it without a flinch. Go strength. We also got new owners and management who are changing things which most of the other workers don’t like, but I don’t mind it so far plus my bestie christina isn’t quitting anymore. Which made my day. After work my car was making a noise. I think it’s break related but there goes some more money I don’t have. Plus I need an oil change. When I came home my daughter was very ornery and She once again left her bookbag and jacket on the kitchen floor so I can trip over it. So I picked them up and threw them outside. My son was at his girlfriend’s house all day and my husband didn’t get home from work until around 7:30. So now I’m exhausted and ready for bed. Goodnight everyone.


Not really sure what to do. I guess just right about my life. I’m a little nervous about this. But I love writing. I actually crave to write. I use to write non stop when I was younger, but not anymore. I guess life happens and then you wake up like wait a minute. I never completed my writing goals. Which were to publish at least one poem and one book. Sounds easy but the fear I have of actually publishing a book. It’s like it feels so raw that I actually feel sick. Which I hate because it’s a dream. I did however publish two poems years ago. Leaving you and Changes. So I thought maybe if I start off with a blog. So here we go…