Deep Breath

   If I could only take in a deep breath, a great wonderful deep breath.  That feeling …. O-How I miss it. O-How I dream of it.

   I’m terribly ill. I have been for some time now. Almost a week. Today is my 6th day straight being sick. It all started with my normal put me down symptoms that my fibromyalgia gives me. I felt ill and tired and week. Like I been hit by a truck. Every part of me hurting. My typical fibro flare. At least that’s what I thought was going on and that’s how my first day was but then something new happened to me. A massive migraine begins in my head on the second day. I have had migraines in the past but nothing like this and probably like 20 years ago. Only regular or bad head ache for my last 20 years and I’ve also been fortunate to only have had maybe 2 or 3 in my life.             So when this migraine hit me I didn’t know what to do. So i just slept. I slept and slept and slept some more. The next day . The second day of the migraine I finally had a thought. Duh…. Excedrin Migraine. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. Thank heavens it helped me tremendously. I still slept a lot. For many days I slept. The migraine lasted 4 total days and I feel as though it changed me. Or I’m simply crazy… But my vision is so much sharper than ever before. I can’t belive it. And even know the migraine left my vision sill remains sharper. Is this possible??

   So after the migraine left something else hits me. I’m so sick. I feel as though my lungs are weighed down with phlegm or mucus. It’s hard to breath. I’m so so thirsty it’s just crazy. My back feel’s like mush. Hurts so bad. When I need to cough I can’t because my everything hurts to bad to let me. So my coughs come out as wild weird pain noises. I finally ended up taking  Mucinex DM . I only took one pill and it helped me tremendously. I finally after 6 days were able to get a little house work done. Which is so backed up since mom was down. I have a lot a head of me but, I will pace myself slowly and get to whatever I get to. whenever I get to it. Deep Breath!!!

Fibro Finger,Hand, Wrist,Arm

So the last few days my main issue of pain has been from finger tip to shoulder and everywhere in between. So I wanted to write about it to try to help others understand what it’s like for me. Now that don’t mean that the next girl with similar issues and pain is or will be like mine. :::)()(

-What fibromyalgia pain feels like from the fingertips down to the shoulder.                 It feels like an ache in the fingers, like they need to be cracked. A cramp, or dull throb.      An ach, throbbing pain in the knuckles that yell, crack me,,, crack me… No strength or energy. Like I’ve held my arm high painting a wall for hours. But I haven’t. A throbbing pain from finger tip to shoulder. Like a metal rod from the hands end is being shoved into my Wrist all the way up past the elbow. This isn’t always a thin rod or a pin point rod. Sometimes this rod is at least an inch wide. Yes a flat and wide rod. The biggest amount of rod pain happens when I try to use my muscles. Like when I squeeze out the dish rag. Other times of pain I may feel glass being ground into my skin. knife stabbing me over and over or feel as if my bones are being squeesed to the point of breaking and Of course most of this is happening to my right hand, my dominant hand. It always seems to be the worst hand/arm. So as time goes I’ll use my left hand to compensate and then eventually the left gets the same way. Then I’m handless. My arms hurt so bad.

Other issue are difficulty gripping and opening. Squeezing and writing. Pain is increased by repetition. Fibro related hand pain can occur when using or not using the hands. Pain can occur when simply reaching for and picking up an object. Even a light object. Because the muscles in our hands are different from the muscles in our legs. The pain may feel like it is more in the bones of the fingers rather than the muscles and tendons of the joints. Weakness in the hand. Repetitiveness can increase fibromyalgia pain in the hand. Daily activities such as writing and or typing on a computer. A cell phone can easily exaggerated the pain. Lifting objects and overcompensation by using the hands or fingers more than the arms or upper body strength can also increase the pain.

Recent research has shown a connection between fibromyalgia and extremity pain. The blood flow in the hands for instance can be shunted away from the hands when movement occurs in another part of the body. Light exercise can help.

Pain can increase when we are exposed to toxins in the environment or a simple weather change. You can try wearing gloves when the hands are cold, during workouts and at bedtime. Yes keep a light pair of gloves by your bed at night. Cold hands can be another agitating factor to prevent you from being able to fall asleep. Try maintaining your upper body strength on whatever level is possible. It is so essential. Just like a lack of strength in legs can affect the joints in the knees and ankles. A lack of strength in the upper body can increase pain in hands. As a reminder always carry objects close to the body. Avoid extending the arms and hands too far from your chest for a fibro safe range of motion.

Many difficulties are with the following: Opening jars, car doors or drawers. Pain when merely leaning on your hands or forearms. Gripping objects. Pulling clothes out of the washer or cutting and preparing food. Using utensils, tying shoelaces, fixing your hair, carrying grocery bags, making the bed, gripping a broom, vacuum or pulling a plug out of an outlet. That’s just a few. There are so many. More than anyone could ever say. Big and small. We depend so much on the use of our hands just like the other parts of our body and we know that there is no quick fix or cure. Fibromyalgia hand pain is just part of living with fibromyalgia.

That being said you can try the following tools to help or at least mediate and even minimize the pain from getting worse. Note that even if you do all of the following you still could just be in the worst amount of pain imaginable because as we know fibromyalgia does what it wants, when it wants and how it wants but you could still try using copper gloves. Using a copper compression has been shown to reduce pain and it’s worth a shot. Try to do upper-body exercises or some natural pain relief therapy such as a few tablespoons of Epsom salt. Soak your hands in a large bowl of Epsom salts. You could also try adding a teaspoon of ginger root powder. The warming sensation of the ginger root powder really does feel good. It will generally last about 15 to 20 minutes after soaking, which is good for every part of our bodies. My personal biggest thing that I do to try to reduce and pass this pain is the simplest of all. Just simply try not to use my hand/hands as much as possible. I hope this has helped and or educated at least one person out there because the pain while typing is like a 10. xoxo

   The faces of fibromyalgia.      Ugh. That’s my life.  😔                Sad but true.                               Right now I’m having a flare up with major fibro fog.  I can’t think straight to save my life. 😜         I’m having crazy exhaustion,     no energy what so ever and everything in my body is wore out, numb feeling with an ach to it. Yes my entire body.  Even my eyeballs. All I’ve done today was Netflix and sleep.  Both, on and of all day.  I’m on my couch now and my son is the one in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Tacos!  Yummy! Bonus- it’s deer meet tacos. 🍖🍽 So excited to eat some deer meat.   It’s been way to long. We actually Just got the meat back today.  This morning.  Only took 2 weeks to process my husband’s buck.  I’d post the picture of his buck but I know not everyone likes that kind of thing. (Also, please no rude comments on what and how we choose to eat.  You eat your way and we will eat ours.  Thanks!)                                             So anyway, back to my flare.  So I actually know exactly why I got my Flare, my fibro flare.             It’s so silly but it’s because I scrubbed the shower and shampooed the carpets yesterday. I knew I would regret it later but they were things that needed done and I thought, I’m having a good day, I’m going to go ahead and do it. Yeah I know I know. Don’t tell me. I already know better than to do that. Ugh. And I definitely shouldn’t have done both things in the same day. It’s totally my fault. So here I am, laid up on the couch all day in and out of Netflix and sleep land. Yep, that’s been my wonderful, lovely day… 😝 Well, I will keep you posted and hopefully next time I will have good news.  😊 

Small nerve fiber study link

   Hello all, So I’m excited to be blogging today. I’m not sure why but,,, hey,,, it really don’t matter does it. 🙂

   So, I’ve been excited to talk a little about an article I had read on one of the Facebook sites that I follow. I can’t remember where I saw it but it was talking about how now they think that there are different types of Fibromyalgia. I kinda already figured that would happen. I mean, we all experience different but the same issues. Right?? (If that makes sense..)

   I think it said 4 or 6 different types. I’m actually looking now to see if I can find that article again. Hmmm….

   I found it so let me share the link for those of you that are interested in reading it.



   It’s a pretty long article but I just thought it was a bit interesting myself.

   Who knows if they are right, close or just wrong all together. . Only time will tell.

   So, on another note. I’ve been feeling okay lately. Still extra sleepy and lazy feeling. I guess it’s really not lazy. More like no energy.  Other than that I’m back closer to MY normal. At least for now. Maybe I should knock on wood. Right…

   I’ve also been working in my online world. Trying to expand, learn, and hopefully helping others along the way.

   I now have my blog, an eBay store, Twitter, Poshmark, Facebook sales, and a Youtube account that are all public and they sure do keep me busy. Not to mention my personal accounts. My public accounts are all in some way linked to me. To my brand. To helping me emotionally and financially.  I like the slogan My purple hustle. Ha ha. Idk tho. I’m just really trying things out. Seeing if they fit me. If not then I can at least say I tried. My blog though, is very personal to me. Dear to my heart if you will. The rest is fun, entertaining, helpful and in testing mode. Or maybe I’m the one in testing mode. Who knows.  I don’t really know what I’m doing tho. lol. Ecept I sure am having fun. So with that I bid you farewell my butterflys.  ❤


It is what it is

I just found this. I thought I posted it back when I wrote it. Sorry…

So I went to see my pain doc and I told him all my issues. About the leg cramps and pain increasing. And the tiredness.  I’m just so sleepy all the time. Ugh…. I also told him about the fibro flares acting like a roller-coaster up down up down kind of thing and he said that all of it is normal. He expects all of that. Which I guess now thinking about it, it is becoming winter and at this time of year everybody’s everything kind of gets worse. So I guess it is normal. He went back to what he’s said in the past.  Telling me to make sure you’re doing stuff. That when a lot of people start to hurt they want to sit around and do nothing but really they don’t realize that it makes their pain worse. I felt like, duh…. I told him that I stretch a lot and I walked as needed. I can tell when I need to walk and I’ll go walk. I told him I walk with my nephew and or my dogs. He asked what kind of dogs I have.  Which they are Maltese.  He said okay they’re small enough they won’t pull you. I’m guessing he doesn’t want me walking big dogs but not that, that’s important because I don’t have a big dog. Then he asked me if I’ve ever tried yoga. Which I have in the past. Years ago.  And when I did it I loved it. It’s fun but I told him I did try and I even bought a new mat. The whole nine yards. But it makes my back hurt so bad. Unbearable. Like mush. It was like I got ran over by a semi. I just can’t do that anymore.  I have scoliosis on top of the fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with that when I was 16 years old. My spine makes the shape of an S which I guess is for my maiden name because my maiden name starts with an S. Haha.  Anyway, so I just can’t do it but I do streth as needed. I told him I would even have my daughter hold my leg up while it stretches. The stretch is like a “It hurts so bad it feels so good” kind of thing. I know he just assumed I didn’t do anything. That I was just sitting around. But he said that all of that is normal and to be expected and that he would see me after the holidays and see how I’m feeling. I really don’t think he’s going to do anything then either. Unless maybe if I’m totally crazy in pain. I know that there’s always going to be a level pain. Out sure would be nice if it would go away.  Also he never did mention the psychiatrist. The nurse asked me and I told her I never heard from one but he did not ask anything about it. So I don’t know if I should continue to just call and try to find one or should I just say fire truck it.  Anyhow,  I am going to post another post today. I got my new shirt yesterday and I forgot to mention it in last night’s post. It’s my second fibromyalgia shirt and I love it! So I’m going to take a picture and I will post it as well today and share it with all of you. 

Until Tomorrow 

   So, tomorrow I finally see my pain doc.  Excited and dreading it all at the same time. Excited for hopeful help but dreading that what if he just brushes me off.  You know….  How so many people do. 😔            I’ll keep you posted.  😊 

   Also Halloween is tomorrow. 🎃 Excited to watch my baby boy Kaegen go trick or treating. 👻 Then try to get him to share some candy with me. 😁🍭🍬 And hopefull end up with lots of Reese cups. 🍫 So n until tomorrow. 😉

Trust me, Eat the monkey

This is a reblog of a friends post that I just loved.  This blog is just so prefect! 

   ​I had a friend tell me that she used to trust anyone that could write a prescription. So did I. Trust. That is a big word. Those five little letters in a row can be life-altering. Do you trust me? Do I trust you? Trust is a knife wrapped with a bow. A gift that can cut you and make you bleed.

In life there are buyers and there are sellers. You have to be willing to purchase what they are selling in order for that seller to continue selling. Does this make sense? The rule of supply and demand. We all have something to sell and we all have something to buy, that is what motivates us. The bottom line is do you trust the process, the person, the outcome?

Let’s cut the through the B.S. 

I want to get well. I want the doctor to cure me! Why? Because I want to be healthy, return to the career that I love and make money so I can buy shit that I want to buy. I busted my butt getting a college diploma and I haven’t gotten my just rewards! I’m sick and tired of being a “patient”. I’m sick of being the “buyer” of those things deemednecessary by a seller. Like medications, therapies, yoga mats, TENs units, and etcetera. I want to be a seller for a change! I want to sell my services and get a big fat paycheck for the work I can be trusted to do! The work I was trained and educated to do.

What am I willing to do to become a seller? At one point, I was willing to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! If I was told to eat a monkey, I’d eat a damn monkey! I trusted the people who were telling me to eat the monkey and I ate! Guess what? It didn’t work. I am not cured. Broken trust? Not for me! I went back, bleeding with hands held open for another helping.

And I kept going back, after all, these people had prescription pads…

Eventually, trust was slowly and sadly removed from my vocabulary. Trust must now be earned. I don’t care if you can write a prescription or have several initials after your name. I do not care at all! You have to earn my trust. I’m not buying blindly anymore. I will listen and take your advice into consideration, but my purchasing power remains steadfastly with me.

I can read, I can research, I can weigh out options and make a list of pros and cons… I am smart. I am a consumer at this point in my life and I am well aware of the target that places squarely on my back. I’m the buyer. Within these confines, I need to do my due diligence! That isn’t just a good idea, it is imperative to my goal of getting as healthy as I can possibly be and living a good life.

You are smart, you can read, research and do your due diligence! Don’t blindly buy what the seller has to offer, it might be just a monkey.



Unique Blogger Award?

   Thank you so much Kim for nominating me for the unique blogger award. I don’t really think I compare to you. Your such an  amazing women. With strength like only God knows. Dealing with all you have for as long as you have.   And a heart of gold to boot. Your always there to lift me up and inspire me. If you don’t already follow her (which you should)  then check her out at https://itrippedoveraston@yahoo.com 

   So, Kim my three things that describe me in photos are as followed~

My children~ Left to right~

Rachael (My son’s girlfriend), My 17 year old son Naven and my baby, My 13 year old daughter Rylie. My💙

My nephew I talk about a lot that I help raise.  My wittle baby 2-1/2 year old Kaegen Jaxton Kyrie. Whom I call Jax and my 💛

Annnnd, finally my husband Tyler. The best man ever!  I love this man more than I could ever explain.  He also is my💚 I love this picture too.  Fighting over the hose to spray one another😁 Great time, and wonderful memories.  My guys💞
   I hope these pictures help describe me.  My heart and my life literally revolves around my family.  And they are my happy place😁