Busy crazy day!

So today is my mom and nieces birthday. It’s the big 1st birthday for my niece Brooklynn. Whom I call my Pie. She was my mom’s birthday present last year. So shout out to the both of them. So, my day was crazy.  I got to work, which I’m only part​ time due to my fibromyalgia. It was so busy non stop the whole day. Lovely time to have bad back pain, a kink in the neck and bad leg cramps because guess what day it was. Order delivery day. So I got to pick up and move heavy boxes and put food and stuff away. But I did it without a flinch. Go strength. We also got new owners and management who are changing things which most of the other workers don’t like, but I don’t mind it so far plus my bestie christina isn’t quitting anymore. Which made my day. After work my car was making a noise. I think it’s break related but there goes some more money I don’t have. Plus I need an oil change. When I came home my daughter was very ornery and She once again left her bookbag and jacket on the kitchen floor so I can trip over it. So I picked them up and threw them outside. My son was at his girlfriend’s house all day and my husband didn’t get home from work until around 7:30. So now I’m exhausted and ready for bed. Goodnight everyone.


Not really sure what to do. I guess just right about my life. I’m a little nervous about this. But I love writing. I actually crave to write. I use to write non stop when I was younger, but not anymore. I guess life happens and then you wake up like wait a minute. I never completed my writing goals. Which were to publish at least one poem and one book. Sounds easy but the fear I have of actually publishing a book. It’s like it feels so raw that I actually feel sick. Which I hate because it’s a dream. I did however publish two poems years ago. Leaving you and Changes. So I thought maybe if I start off with a blog. So here we go…