Hello all,

Well I’m about to go to my parent in-laws for a sudden dinner for no reason. She ( My mother in-law) just felt like it. So that’s awesome. It means I don’t have to cook. Which I’m not really good at or even like to do. Bla on cooking. LOL

So , lol I’m back. I know you didn’t know I left but I almost ruined my son’s potato soup. Yeah I kinda forgot I was cooking… lol oops. He is sick so he’s not going to the dinner. He is 17 so he will be ok. His fever has improved so that’s awesome.

I have my nephew Kaegen. He’s fake whining right now. It’s pretty much his theme song. Whinnnnnn. lol ugh it drives me crazy though.

So anyway my reason for jumping on here today is I wanted to at least real fast give everyone an update on my friend Kara. She has improved so much! She is awake now. It did take her a few days to really come out of it and realize what was going on and she’s so upset that she’s in her situation. Mostly made because she can’t talk due to the threk. But it will get better. She almost didn’t make it and is now so much better. I’m so glad they didn’t pull her plug. She will have about a year of recovery but hey, she’s alive.

~Talk to you later



My sweet Kara

One of my life long best friends is on life support. There’s so much going bad in her body. It’s crazy!

So okay, Let me start from the beginning . Growing up since age 5 it was alway’s Kara, Cathy and myself. Us 3 little hooligans. 🙂 Experiencing life together. The good the bad and the ugly. Challenging life together. Fights to First boyfriends, first loves, hearts achs and shoulders to lean and or cry on. Even having baby’s. We were never too far apart. From small children to grown adults. We always had each other’s backs and will always have a special place in our hearts, in our souls for each other. We may be distant or apart for a time but when we see each other, we talk like it was yesterday. We truly know each other. Better than anyone else.

My Kara, my poor poor Kara. She’s been distant for awhile but we all know each other so well that the distance don’t change a thing. I know, Cathy know’s and she know’s. It’s all good though. No love lost!

So I found out Kara went into the ER for some pain in her leg’s and having trouble breathing. ( She will be 40 in June) (So yes she’s way to young for this.) That ER rushed her to another BETTER hospital for her care and here we go-

Blood clots in leg’s and throughout body. One to two or more in her lungs. (Note that having only one in lungs can kill you.) Kidney’s completely quit working. Yes both! So sedated for pain she can’t even open her eye’s. Looking a little yellow. Blood virus or something. Septic. Loosing blood but don’t know where or how. Machines breathing for her. Finally completely on life support. ICU. Immediate family only. She wouldn’t be alive today without the machines. She’s fighting the fight of her life. (I know I’m missing so much) Her first grandchild is to be born next month. A baby girl. The Doctor asked Kara’s mom if she’d like to pull the plug…. Thank God she said no. Although she was worried if she was being selfish but she know’s her daughter is super bullheaded and a hell of a fighter. Then a couple day’s later Kara starts to slowly improve. Her kidney’s started slitely working and they were able to turn down the life support. (Whatever that means.) She still has so many issues with her body. Her body parts just aint working right. She spiked a fever and so they are trying to get that down and Monday they are doing some more stuff to her. Like checking out her heart valve and other stuff. I can’t remember all these medical words. If they can get her stable and breathing on her on they will move her to a nursing home for long term care. She will still continue to fight for her life. Her recovery is estimated a year in nursing home. A year of fighting for her life. She don’t even have a clue of what is going on. If she knew she would fight harder and be better already. She’s always been the toughest of us all. She’s been in lots of fights in her life guys and girls and never lost a single one. She’s my Kara. She nicknamed me Kamicles. If that’s how it’s spelled lol But it was Kara, Cathy and Mic so she wanted me to have the same beginning name sound. Lol We were kids but it stuck with her to call me that. She’s defiantly more than a friend. She’s family. The 3 of us were unbreakable! I’m so worried. I’m trying to think positive. Trying not to cry. It’s hard. Cathy is just pissed. We defiantly handle things differently. I was always the more emotional one. They were the strong bad asses. They were always there to protect me. Physically, emotionally, financially, and any other llys. lol. I’m also the youngest of the 3 so that might explain a bit. They thought me to be though, to stand up for my self. Pushed me through so much to help me. I was such a weak person as a child. Not anymore though. Well, to a point. I defiantly will stand up for my self. Idk. I’m rambling. I think talking or writing and getting these thoughts off my chest help me. I just love her so much. I can’t loose her!!

They wanted her mom to pull the plug! They can’t do that. They have to let her have a fair fight. Because there is a chance. I want to tell her I love her one more time. It’s not fair . She don’t even know whats going on. It’s just not fair.

Social Security???

Hmmmm???? I just don’t know. I think I’m just scared of denial but I need to get over it.

I do have a chronic illness that prevents me from holding down a job. Especially when one main area of my pain is in my hands. There ain’t much out there that you don’t need hands for. Heck you also have to get there some how right? And if I can’t drive because of my pain then what???

So no I have not applied for social security yet. I know I need to. My mother in-law says STOP reading the internet and just file.

From what I read I doubt I’ll be approved. Even though hands are an essential part of EVERYTHING.

I just think I haven’t suffered enough in their eyes. To put it simply.

I don’t know. My bad pain started in 2012. I was finally diagnosed in 2016. I have my regular GP who prescribes most of my meds and then he sent me to pain management which of whom I don’t get pain med from. Only some other med I take in the AM. He said it was newly discovered to also help with my issues. Heck I don’t know what actually does what and or helps anymore. It’s all kinda just blended. And hats that. My fibro med history.

Any advice out there? I live in the US in Ohio if that helps. 🙂